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Vortech Adjustable FPR Install

Making power require proper fuel management. One of the first steps is to setup the proper fuel pressure for your motor. The OEM fuel pressure regulator is fixed and therefore doen't give one much adjustablity. Vortech and B&M both make an adjustable unit that will allow one to cater their fuel pressure to their needs, either NA or FI.

In order to remove the OEM fuel pressure regulator, you will have to remove the vacuum line and fuel return line from the FPR and then unbolt it from the fuel rail via 2 x 10mm bolts. Once it is off of the rail, be sure to inspect the o-ring for damage. Then using a marker, scribe a line about 1/4" from the top of the fpr.
Using a hack saw, cut on the line to remove the upper portion of the stock FPR. You will have to rotate the unit as you cut since there is a spring inside that is difficult to cut through.
Once the top has been cut off, replace the stock internal spring with the new one included in the kit. Then press on the new upper housing. Be sure the internal spring is properly seated on the inside of the housing.
Then slip on the lower half of the new adjustable FPR and using the included Lock-tite, apply a small dab on each screw before locking the two housings together. Then reinstall the new FPR back onto the fuel rail and reconnect the vacuum line and fuel return line. To increase the fuel pressure, turn the top nipple clockwise and vice versa to lower it. The car must be running and you must remove the vacuum line from the FPR when making the adjustment. A good idea would be to install a fuel pressure gauge so you can monitor how much you are adjusting.

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