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Oil catch can Install

The OEM oil seperator box on a B18C1/5 and B16A may not be sufficient under some conditions. Also, some build ups like the LS/VTEC or B20/VTEC may not have an oil seperation setup at all without having to use a custom one. It is important to filter out the oil vapors from the crankcase from the PCV system because the added oil actually lowers your octane rating of the fuel therefore increasing the likelyhood of detonation.

The unit we are using here is the oil seperator can from SRR. You can see here the build quality is very nice. 100% stainless with billet fittings and lid. One great feature it has is the side tube which allows you to see how filled the can is - whereas most other kits do not have this feature.
Since the SSR unit isn't baffled internally, we went ahead and filled it full of steel wool. The steel wool will act like a filtering element so as the oil vapors pass through the catch can, they will be filtered out better.
Finding a suitable location is the hardest part of the installation, we chose to install the catchcan on the driverside frame rail where the A/C unit would normally be. Once a location is found, all you need to do is route the PCV system to the catch can. If your motor had a PCV system originally, then simply disconnect the return line in the intake manifold and the PCV valve and run a new vacuum line from the PCV valve to the catchcan, and then run another new line from the catchcan back to the intake manifold.
If your motor didn't have an original PCV system, then run one line from the nipple you installed on the back of the block to the catchcan and then run a vacuum line from the catchcan to the intake manifold. Once the lines have been run, secure them in place with soem zip ties. Make sure there are no kinks in the new lines and be sure that there are no vacuum leaks. Enjoy the new filtering setup.

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