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Coilover Installation

One of the first modifications generally done to a vehicle is the suspension. Choosing the right suspension and components is vital to a smooth functioning system. One the best ways to do this is to pick up a tuned coilover suspension for your vehicle, where the spring and shock combo have been specifically tuned for the car to work together. Most will offer some adjustability for the user such as dampening and ride height.

After jacking up the car completely and placing it on jack stands, remove the wheels from all for corners. Then remove the from strut tower bar from the engine bay. Then remove the 17mm bolt from the lower fork on the front hub. There is a 14mm nut on the opposing side.
Now remove the the upper 14mm bolt from fork on the back side. This will loosen the fork from the shock body. Then remove the 10mm bolts holding onto the brake line.
You can now remove the fork from the shock tower by pulling/wiggling it downwards. If it is stuck, you can try using a hammer and carefully hit the fork downwards until it comes free. Now all you have to do is remove the two nuts in the engine bay and the shock will fall out from the wheel well, so have one hand on the shock while you are removing the upper nuts.
Before putting in the new coilover, make sure it is assembled correctly and that there is no visible defects. Set the height adjustment collars to the middle, they don't have to be tight at this point, you will set them later. Now lift the coilover into position inside the wheel well and put the 2 upper nuts back on to hold it in place. Now you can repeat the previous steps to put the fork back together.
One thing you will notice is that on some setups, there is no place for the brake line to bolt back on. One solution is to zip tie it to the fork. You can now move onto the rear suspension. Remove the rear upper strut bar if there is one. Then remove the 2 nuts on the top holding onto the shock - just like the front ones.
Remove the 14mm bolt in the rear lower control arm. Then remove the two 14mm bolts holding the rear upper control arm to the chassis. Once those are removed, the shock will slide right out just like the front ones. Place the new coilover into place and repeat the steps to put it all back together. Once its all buttoned up, put the wheels back on and lower the car down. If its too high or too low, adjust the height on all for corners to your liking.

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