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B&M Fuel Pressure Gauge Install

When making adjustments to your fuel pressure, its a good idea to have a gauge to determine how much adjustment you are actually making. B&M makes a direct bolt on under hood fuel pressure gauge for one to monitor their adjustments with ease.

Included in the kit, you will find a new banjo bolt and a 90 degree brass fitting and crush washer along with the fuel pressure guage. Your first step is to pop open your gas cap to relieve any pressure in the fuel system. Then remove the banjo bolt from the fuel filter.
With the stock banjo bolt removed, install the new banjo bolt. Be sure to install the new copper crush washer onto the banjo bolt first. Tighten the bolt down.
Now wrap the the 90 degree brass fitting with some teflon tape and install it onto the new banjo bolt. Be sure that it is tight and faces in the correct direction. Wrap the threads on the new fuel pressure gauge and install it onto the 90 degree elbow.
Double check that everything is tight and close the gas cap. Now you can start up the car and verify that there are no leaks. The guage will now display your current fuel pressure. To install an adjustable fuel pressure regulator and put the new gauge to use, click here.

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