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Fuel pump Installation

On a high output motor, boosted or NA, it is important to upgrade the fuel delivery system. One of these components is the fuel pump. Upgrading the fuel pump will allow you to flow more fuel to the injectors and if needed, will allow you to run higher than stock fuel pressures without the risk of running short of fuel especially under boost with rising rate regulators (FMU's).

The first thing to do is remove the rear seats. Once they are out of the way, you will see that the fuel pump is covered by a metal cover. Remove the three screws to gain access to the pump. You will then see the lid to the gas tank. There are a series of 10mm bolts surrounding the perimeter of the lid. Remove them all.
Now disconnect the fuel lines from the lid. One of them is snapped in place and can be removed by seperating the inner plastic clip first, then pull off the line. You can now remove the fuel pump wiring under the black rubber boot. Disconnect the wires by pulling the connector.
You can then pull out the fuel pump by lifting on the lid. It may take some jiggling to get it out. Be sure to have some towels ready to catch the leaking fuel. First disconnect the wiring from the fuel pump via the connector.
Pull up on the lower end of the pump to remove it from the metal housing. Once it is free from the lower metal collar, you can disconnect the fuel line from the pump. Now place your new pump in place and reverse the directions to put it all back together. Enjoy.

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