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Fuel Rail Installation

On a high output motor, boosted or NA, it is important to upgrade the fuel delivery system. One of these components is the fuel rail. Upgrading the fuel rail will provide more fuel to the injectors.

The first thing to do is disconnect the negative terminal from the battery and open the gas cap to relieve any pressure in the fuel system.. Then remove the two 10mm nuts holding the injector wiring to the fuel rail.
Now remove the three 10mm nuts holding the fuel rail to the intake manifold. These are located on the underside of the rail. Becareful not to drop any of the nuts. Disconnect the fuel line from the fuel filter to the rail using a 7/8" wrench. Once the cap is off, do lose the metal washers underneath.
The rail is now loose and can be pulled off the intake manifold. At this point you can remove the injectors from the fuel rail by pulling on them. Once they are out, remove the fuel rail.
Install the injectors into the new fuel rail. Put some oil on the o-rings first, it will make them slide in a lot easier. Tighten the new rail down to the intake manifold by putting the three 10mm bolts back in. Now is a good time to transfer the fuel pressure regulator from the old fuel rail over to the new one. There are only two 10mm bolts holding the regulator on. Remove them and swap the regulator to the new rail.
Now put the fuel line back onto the new fuel rail. Be sure to put the metal washers back in place too. Tidy up the wiring and put the key into the ignition and turn it to the ON position. Turn off the power and back to the ON position a few times to prime the fuel pump. Look for any fuel leaks. If there are none, you can start up the car and make sure there really isn't any leaks.

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