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Header Install

Expelling exhaust gases is key to making additional power with your motor. Either with a supercharger or NA, a higher flowing header will increase the efficiency of the motor. There are several to choose from, from a variety of manufactures. You will find that they generally come in ceramic or stainless steel.

Before you begin, its a good idea to let the car cool down as serious burns can take place otherwise.

Remove the dip stick and the stock head shield from the stock manifold. There are 3 bolts holding the headshield in place. Then remove the 12mm nuts that hold the manifold to the head and then disconnect the stock header from the catylitic converter by unbolting to the two 14mm bolts/springs from under the car. You will also need to remove the 2 bolts holding the manifold to the support bracket. If there is an O2 sensor on the header, it will also need to be removed. Drop theheader down from the bottom and insert the new header and set into place.
Once the new header is set onto the head, bolt it to the head with the original nuts and bolts. From under the car, you can see where the flange on the new header needs to go back onto the support bracket. Bolt it into place and line up the new header with the catylitic converter.
With the new header lined up, install the O2 sensor back into the new header if you had to remove it in the previous step. Tighten down the 2 x 14mm bolts/springs and make sure the donut gasket is properly inserted between the header and catylitic converter before tightening the bolts down. Double check everything before lowering the car to the ground, and start up the car. You may see some light smoking and smell the new metal burning off as the engine warms up. It will go away shortly.

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