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Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket Installation

It is common knowledge that the cooler the intake temperatures are, the more power a given more is going to make. One way to combat high intake charge temperatures is to lower the possiblity of heat soak from the intake manifold itself. Hondata makes a plastic intake manifold gasket that does just that. It prevents heat from the engine and head to transfer to the intake manifold. Using the gasket, the intake manifold is now luke warm at most after a brisk drive or hard run, where it would used to be extremely hot to the touch.

The first thing to do is lift the car up and drain the coolant. You don't need to drain all the coolant, but about half will suffice. Then, using a 12mm wrench and or ratchet, remove the 12mm bolts on the intake manifold connecting it to the head. Note that there is a black intake manifold support bracket underneath the intake manifold near the oil filter. There are few 10mm bolts holding this in place and must be removed from the underside of the car. We never installed this bracket because its a pain in the butt to remove and you will see why, therefore this step has been omitted from the installation.
Remove anything thay may be in the way of preventing you from sliding the intake manifold back towards the firewall. Here, the MSD box had to be temporarily removed. Slide the intake manifold back far enough so you can remove the old intake manifold gasket. You'll notice that this one came out easily because when it was installed, we put oil on both sides of the gasket so that it wouldn't stick to the mating surfaces.
Remove the old gasket completely and clean off any residue that may be left on the head or intake manifold. You now have to decide if you want to use the Hondata gasket in the 'Race' setup or not. The 'Race' setup will reroute the coolant lines from the back of the head. We decided to not go with the 'Race' install.
Because we are not doing the 'Race' install, you just cut out the hole on the side of the gasket so that coolant can flow through. Use an X-acto knife to carefully trim the piece out.
Now place the new Hondata gasket onto the head and slide the intake manifold back into place.
Hondata also supplies plastic washers. The washers prevent the bolts and studs from making contact with the intake manifold as well, thus further reducing the chance of heat transfer. Place the washers on the bolts and studs before tightening down the intake manifold. Done!

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