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MSD 6BTM Ignition Install

Anytime you add a turbo or supercharger, one must take into consideration ignition timing under boost. As cylinder pressures increase, timing must be lowered. For optimum performance, ignition timing should be fully advanced in off-boost conditions and timing should be pulled only under boost.

The MSD 6BTM does this very job. It will allow one to run stock ignition timing thereby regaining low end power (rather than setting the timing at a fixed point) and the 6BTM will pull timing only when under boost. The amount of timing that is pulled is fully adjustable via a knob installed in the passenger compartment.

Not only does the 6BTM retard ignition timing automatically under boost, it also increases the spark energy with the patented MSD multiple spark technology. The BTM portion of the unit can also be purchased as a seperate part if one opts not to use the ignition portion of the unit.

The first step is to remove the cap from the distributor. Loosen the three 8mm (philips) screws on the cap and carefully pull the cap away from the distributor.
Now you must remove the screw that is holding the rotor in place. It is easiest to remove the screw if it is facing towards the firewall. If it is not already facing in that direction, then slowly crank the motor over until it is. Then remove the screw with a philips head screw driver.
With the rotor off, now you can remove the plastic cover and expose the internal coil and wiring. You will see two small philips screws on the coil towards the top of the distributor. Remove them and carefully squeeze the end of the black/yellow stripe wire so that you can put a female spade onto it.
Using a female spade, connect the white wire from the MSD to the white/blue stripe wire on the distributor. COnnect the red wire from the MSD to the black/yellow stripe wire using a female spade. The orange wire from the MSD now connects to the positive terminal on the coil and the black wire from the MSD connects to the negative terminal on the coil.
You will notice that in order to run the wiring from the MSD ignition, you must drill a hole on the side of the distributor to pass the four wires through.
Then find a suitable location to mount the MSD box. Connect the thick red wire from the MSD to the positive side of the battery and connect the thick black wire from the MSD to a chassis ground. Run a vaccum line from the manifold to the nipple on the side of the MSD box. Then run the adjustment knob into the passenger compartment via a hole in the firewall. You can now return the ignition timing back to stock (16 degrees +/- 2 degrees) and use the 6BTM pull timing under boost.

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