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Acura NSX A/C Conversion from R-12 to R-134A

If you have an older NSX it may be benificial to convert your old R-12 air conditioning system over to the new R-134A. The convertion is really easy and straight forward and will allow you to use the cheaper R-134A refridgerant. You can purchase off the shelf conversion kits at your local automotive parts store and once converted, you can refill your air conditioning system yourself in the future.

First, locate the high pressure line under the hood - it has a brown cap on it located by the driver side shock tower near the cruise control unit. The low pressure line is a larger diameter line located by the firewall near the climate control blower unit, just above and to the right of the battery location.
The conversion kit will come with two new adapter fittings for the high and low pressure line. By hand, thread on the adapter fittings onto the high and low pressure lines - you can't mix them up as each adapter fitting will only fit on one of the lines. Use a wrench to snug down the adapter fitting, do not over tighten!
The picture on the left shows the high pressure line adapter fitting installed. The right picture shows the low pressure line with the adapter fitting installed. Thats it! You can now follow the instructions on a standard R-134A refill kit, or bring it to your local A/C refill station to have the existing R-12 refigerant evacuated and then refilled with new R-134A.

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