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Acura NSX Alternator Belt Change

Regular maintenance requires you to change the alternator belt on all vehicles including the Acura NSX. An old worn belt can squeel or snap if not properly maintained.

The first step is to remove the small belt cover. Two 10mm bolts hold the cover over the upper alternator pulley. Once the cover is off to expose the alternator pulley and belt, you'll need to loosen the front 14mm alternator bolt. You only need to loosen this bolt - there is no need to remove it.
Now, loosen the 14mm bolt on the rear of the alternator. This bolt free's the belt tensioner, again simply loosen this bolt, there is no need to remove it completely. Then go ahead and loosen the 10mm belt tensioner bolt. You'll have to loosen this bolt considerably - until there is enough slack to remove the alternator belt.
By loosening the tensioner and the front alternator bolt, you should now be able to push down on the alternator body, rotating it counter-clockwise - in order to put slack in the belt and free it from the pullies. Once you have loosened the tensioner bolt sufficiently, remove the belt. With the old belt out, install the new belt and tighen the tensioner bolt first until the slack is removed from the new belt and you have about 1/2" of deflection when you push on the side of the belt. Then reverse the previous steps to button it up.

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