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Acura NSX DSM 450cc Injector Install

Making more power also requires more fuel. The injectors on a 91-95 Acura NSX are low-impedance and thus DSM 450cc Mitsubishi Eclipse injectors are an excellent budget upgrade for naturally aspirated or force induction applications. These are fully plug and play injectors and require no modifications, however is required to have the NSX ECU rom modified for the upgraded injectors, or a piggy-back/standalone engine manangement system can be used.

Removed the front and rear fuel rail covers. There are two 10mm bolts holding each one. Then take off the Honda cover plate by removing the two allen head bolts.
Now, take off the intake manifold cover by removing the four 10mm. Then remove the black cosmetic cover to expose the fuel line bracket bolt.
With the black cosmetic cover removed, you can now remove the bolt holding the fuel line bracket. Now is a good time to remove the injectors clips from the injectors. Use a 90 degree pick and push the metal clip outwards on each side while lightly tugging on the connector. Remember, there are six of them!
Remove the two 10mm nuts securing each front and rear fuel rail. Then remove the two 10mm bolts securing the fuel rail brackets on both front and rear fuel rails.
Now remove the two 10mm bolts securing the fuel line bracket to the intake manifold. You can pull the fuel rails up and out of the intake manifold enough to remove the injectors. The injectors will come of the the fuel rail by simply pulling on them.
You can now install the new injectors (DSM or other). Make sure that you apply some lube such as WD40 on the upper injector o-ring prior to reinserting the injectors into the fuel rail. Also, make sure that the intake manifold injector o-rings are also in place. They make have come out with the old injectors and may still be on the old injector body. If they look deteriorated, replace them, otherwise you can clean and reuse them.

You can see the new DSM 450cc injectors in the picture on the left. Top row is the DSM injectors, bottom row is the stock NSX units.

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