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S2000 Rear Subframe Brace Install

You can see the new rear subframe brace from Comptech pictured on the left. It is much stronger and more rigid than the OEM counterpart. First, jack up the rear of the car and place it on jack stands.
Now remove the 12mm bolts holding the rear subframe brake to the underbody. There are two on each side and a third 10mm holding up an undertray bracket. With the bolts removed, take off the OEM subframe brace and set it aside.
FIt up the new subframe brace to the underbody. Make sure you have it facing the correct direction! In this case, the Comptech logo faces to the rear.
Reinstall the 12mm bolts to secure the subframe brace to the underbody. Finally, rebolt the underbody bracket to the brace.
That's it! New brace installed and looking snazzy!

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