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Before placing the new belt on, make sure you have the crank lined up. You can see there is a mark on the lower gear that needs to be aligned with a mark on the block. Turn the crank using the crank bolt if necessary to line them up. Then open up the new timing belt.
Once the lower gear is lined up, double check that the cam gears are also lined up correctly. Starting at the crank, place the new timing belt on and work your way around the tensioner and water pump and finally place the new belt over the cam gears. Some patience may be required during this step.
Once the new belt is in place, you will need to retension the tensioner pulley. To do so, place the crank bolt back on the crank and turn the crank counterclockwise three teeth and then tighten the tensioner pulley. The timing belt should have about a 1 inch deflection if you press on it in the center along the front of the loop (long side).
Once again, the owner accepts the blame for dropping more debris down the timing belt cover. Please be careful when working around the timing belt especially if you have the upper cover removed or have holes in it. If the timing belt breaks, you can easily destroy the head, valves and or pistons. Even worse, you could damage the cylinders.
Now you can replace the lower timing belt cover being careful not to overtighten the 10mm bolts.
Once the cover is in place, put the crank pulley back on the crank and align it by placing the key into the slot. Then button everything back up the way it was removed, and your all set.

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