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How to change the transmission fluid on a B18C1

Step 1:
Make sure you jack the car up on a level surface and keep the car itself as level as possible, use 4 jackstands if you have to. Then locate the drain plug and using a 3/8" rachet remove the plug and drain the old tranny fluid into a large container.
Step 2:
Once its drained, clean and replace the drain plug. DO NOT over tighten it.
Step 3
Here's a picture locating the drain plug and filler hole from a better angle. Locate the filler hole that is slightly higher up and behind the CV joint. Remove it using a 17mm wrench. Using a pump or long tube, fill approximately 2 quarts of Honda MTF or until it starts to pour out of the filler hole. Then replace the filler plug, clean up the mess and dispose of the waste appropriately. When you take it out on a test drive, you may encounter some smoking from the front of the car. Do not be alarmed, if you have over filled the transmission, then when it heats up the excess oil will leak out. Just let it do its thing and it will stop once the eccess has been drained. Hope that helps!

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