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Import Specialty Automotive in Tacoma, Washington is proud to offer our high-tech chassis dynometer service to automotive enthusiasts. We are located just south of the Tacoma Dome and about one mile west of I-5.

Our sophisticated in-ground chassis dyno in conjuction with our wideband O2 sensing equipment is capable of safetly, accurately and efficiently tuning your rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive and some all-wheel drive vehicles. The effectiveness of wideband O2 tuning is unsurpassed. With its incredible accuracy and sensitivity over the OEM oxygen sensor, its ability to detect minute fluctuations in air/fuel ratios allows one to dial in precise fuel and ignition timing throughout the entire RPM band.

We have been in the automotive industry for many years and have built and tuned many vehicles ranging from stock, to mildly upgraded, to high output naturally aspirated, turbo, supercharged and nitrous equipped domestics and imports alike. We also have extensive tuning experience with DFI and other major stand alone engine management systems. With our knowledge and experience, we guarantee that your dyno experience will be second to none.

As the import scene slowly expands into the northwest, Import Specialty Automotive is at the forefront of Honda tuning. We are proud to be the sponsor of a few of the top running imports in the northwest, including C-SPEED's 12 second daily driven Project Integra and drag Civic. In order to further promote import racing in the northwest, we are excited to offer our services at an incredible price:


Initial baseline run: $49.95
Install O2 bung: $45.00 (optional - for wideband O2 usage only) *
Wideband O2 rental: $45.00
Additional runs: $10.00 each **

* to use the wideband O2 sensor during tuning, your vehicle must be equipped with an additional O2 bung, otherwise one must be welded into the exhaust in order to use the wideband O2. This is a one-time fee. Once performed, it will not be necessary to do again on your future dyno sessions. Please call for further details.

** tuning/adjustments can be made between runs

We are positive that you will find that our rates are extremely competitive as we do not charge by the hour. You will find that within the industry, rates for baseline horsepower and torque runs alone, range from around $80 - $100US for three runs (in most cases) without tuning or wideband O2 usage. Furthermore, tuning can run anywhere from $120 - $150US/hour, again without wideband O2 usage.

We recommend that for NA applications, anywhere from 5-6 runs per hour is maximum to safely allow the motor to sufficiently cool between runs. For mildly
built FI applications 15-20 minutes between runs and for high boost motors 30 minutes between runs, otherwise one will risk cooking the rings within the motor. With this in mind, you can see that charging by the hour would add up rather quickly.

Our dyno facility is available for usage Monday through Friday from 8am - 6pm by appointment only. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about taking your car in for a dyno session. We would be glad to answer any of your questions.

Donny Scott
6211-A South Adams Street
Tacoma, Washington

(wideband O2)
Tuning available
(w/o wideband O2)
Tuning available
Other Dyno Facility
(w/o wideband O2)
No tuning available
# of runs
# of runs
1 $85 (+$40) $40 (+$40) $80 5 3
2 $175 $130 $160 10 7-8
3 $225 $180 $240 15 11-12
4 $275 $230 $320 20 15-16
5 $325 $280 $400 25 19-20

* rates are based on NA applications with 5 runs/hour at ISA and the standard 4-5 runs/hour at other dyno facilities. Forced induction applications would reduce the number of runs/hour. Although the chart shows 5 runs/hour, you are not obligated to make a certain number of runs per hour. ISA rates also assumes that you already have an additional bung for wideband O2 usage, otherwise an additional $45 one-time fee would be assessed.
** rates and pricing subject to change without prior notice. Please call ahead for current rates and pricing.

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