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September 1999 our Project Integra was involved in a 3 car collision in Vancouver, BC Canada. It happened one week before the annual Molson Indy Vancouver, on a section of the designated track. How ironic.

We had planned to go forward with our turbo install that week and had traveled north to install our intercooler and have the IC piping mandrel bent. After mounting the intercool we decided to get some dinner at a local restaurant and unfortunately, 20 minutes after completion these were the last photo's taken of our Project Integra in mint condition

With only 14,000 miles on the odo, the front end was completely destroyed. Project Integra had reared C-SPEED member James A.'s bimmer causing him to collide with another bimmer ahead of him.

Total damages to the bimmer racked up approximately $12,000USD and Project Integra suffered a $4500USD face alteration.

You can see that Project Integra has come a long way since then. It took 10 months for our JDM front end to arrive before it could be fixed. During that time, Project Integra also blew up its motor. Can anything else go wrong?

After a few hours of hard work, we finally have the brand new intercooler centered and mounted on the rebar.
How proud we are of our work. Little did we know what was in store for us.
Group photo at Speed Zone in Richmond, BC Canada. Notice the 13 sec JRSC Del Sol in the foreground. It boasts a B18C1 with a sponsered JRSC at 12psi.
To think this is what Project Integra probably would have ended up looking like today. Next to it sits Speeds Zones 13sec Talon.
Too lazy to assist with the intercooler install, some people decide to put the internet to good use - watch porn! Caught in the act. Whats on the screeen?
What a sad moment. Lets have a minute of silence and say a prayer. Howard, our C-SPEED body man, inspects the damage, "Hmm well looks like a fender that I don't have to fix."
James is in pain. Literally. This is the 3rd time his bimmer has needed major repairs. Like the dual DTM exhaust tattoo?
Another group photo. Not much to smile about here.
Oh the horror. It was drivable though and we managed to limp it back home to Washington that night. Unfortunately, we couldn't say the same thing for the bimmer. It suffered too much damage and required a friendly tow back south.
The damage in its finest. Don't try this at home.

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