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Once the modifications to the head are complete, you can go ahead and assemble the head and block. Be sure you have the headgasket installed in the correct direction and right side up. Torque all the head bolts.
Here are a few pictures of the completed LS/VTEC swap. Your last step is to run the new oil lines to feed the VTEC head.
First, you need a section of braided stainless line. In order to cut the SS line without it fraying or splintering, wrap the area where you want to cut with tape tightly. Place the SS line in a vise or something similar to ease the cutting process. Use a hacksaw or band saw to cut it.
Now place the red housing of the AN fitting snugly over the SS line. To aid the next step, be sure to lubricate the inside of the SS line. Place the silver insert of the AN fitting inside the red housing. It may be easier to place the red housing in a vise. Cram SS line into the red housing and screw them together with a wrench. Repeat the process until you have two lines with the fittings securely attached on each end.
Run one of your SS lines from the block to the one hole in your Tee mounted on the firewall. Run the other SS line from your second hole to the -4an to 3/8NPT fitting on the head pictured here. The third hole on the Tee will be plugged with you stock oil sending unit. Be sure to use teflon tape to seal the threads.
Securely fasten the entire unit (pictured) to the firewall. Make sure you do not tighten the SS fittings on the head until your fuel rail is installed. (*note - if you are using an additional oil sending unit for gauges, then you will need a 4-way Tee as in the one pictured)
Here is the completed LS/VTEC swap. You will need to extend the stock oil sending wire to reach its new mounting location on the firewall.
  "Joel, Kevin the OG, and Bombino. Thanks for all the help."
- Del (DIYRacing)

Special thanks to Del Emerson from www.diyracing.com for his contribution in providing the content for this LS/VTEC article.
Look forward to more exciting articles from C-SPEED's newest editor in future updates.

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