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LS/VTEC Swap - Parts list
Editor - Del Emerson www.diyracing.com
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In this article we use a 1992 B17 VTEC head. However, you can use any VTEC head (B18C1, B18C5, B16, B17). You will also need about 3 feet of braided stainless steel line which can be ordered from www.racerpartswholesale.com.

You will also need the following:

. LS headgasket
. B18C water pump
. B18C timing belt
. B18C head bolts

You may choose to use a non-VTEC water pump, however you must then use a B18A non-VTEC timing belt. You can also use to use a VTEC oil pump since it has higher flow as compared to the non-VTEC units.

We chose to use P73 ITR pistons
We chose LS rods to use with the ITR pistons. With a stock deck height and stock headgasket it should put compression at around 10.9cr.
1991 LS B18a block. This block used because it is in very good condition and has an oil/water seperator in the back of the block just like the B17a.
Since the motor will seeing 7500-8000rpms its a good idea to upgrade the stock rod bolts to ARP units. If you are using stock LS rods, you will need 1.2-1.6 rod bolts x 8mm. Part # 208-6001. DO NOT use the VTEC 1.8 x 9mm units.
-4an braided stainless steel line fittings. You will need four of these. Part # FCM-1011 www.racerpartswholesale.com
-4AN to 3/8NPT plug needed to plug the intake side of the head for the oil supply. This is an Aeroquip part # FCM-2519
1/8NPT plug to seal the oil hole on the head. This is an Aeroquip part # FCM-3685
This is the oil feed setup. There are several ways one can do this. This method is to run the SS lines to a Tee on the firewall rather than Tee'ing from the back of the block.

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