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Oil Change

Oil to the motor is like blood to the human body. Regular maintenance is vital to the lifespan and longevity of your motor. Proper scheduled oil changes can keep your motor running strong for many years to come.

On a naturally aspirated motor, regular oil changes should be done every 3000 miles as recommended by the manufacturer. On a turbo or supercharged car, every 2000 miles. Some people will also argue that one these boosted motors, synthetic motor oil is a must. Honda recommends 5W30 oil.

It is also a good idea to change the oil before and after any major racing event that you may attend.


B18C1/5 - 4.25 quarts
B18B - 4 quarts

Before you begin, be sure to jack up the car and place it securely on jack stands. Then remove the oil filler cap. Then carefully remove the 17mm drain plug on the back side of the oil pan.
Before completely removing the drain plug, have a catch can ready as the oil will spill out quickly as soon as the plug is removed. Let the oil drain for about 5-10mins. During that time, inspect the drain plug for damage and replace the crush washer with a new one.
Once the oil has drained completely, replace the drain plug and tighten. Then reach up behind the motor and unscrew the old oil filter. With the old filter off, double check to make sure the o-ring is on the oil filter, if it is not, then you will have to remove it from the back of the block. It is vital that this old o-ring is not still stuck on the block!
Here we are using Mobil 1 synthetic oil (5W30) in our Project Integra.
Using a little dab of the new oil, lubricate the new o-ring and fill the new filter about half way with oil. Screw the new filter back into place onto back of the block. Be sure to only screw it on HAND TIGHT! (when it is snug on the block, give it an additional 1/4 turn.)
Now you can go ahead the fill the motor with the new oil. Do not over fill it. B18C1 and B18C5 require 4.25 quarts. B18B - 4 quarts. Put the filler cap back on, lower the car and start it up. Let the engine run for a few minutes to circulate the new oil. Do not rev the motor during this time.

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