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Vortech Supercharger Install
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The Vortech supercharger for the Civic Si(R) was finally released early 2001. A direct competitor to the Jackson Racing Supercharger, this unit boasts an 8psi kit pushing the 1.6l DOHC to over 270WHP.

Vortech estimates an installation time of approximately 16-18hrs. We were able to install the kit along with a new clutch and timing belt in just under 16hrs. This kit is very complete and the instructions are far superior than any other kit that we've seen, however it still lacks in detail on a few steps. We hope to cover all of them here and you will see how easy or difficult it is to install one of these bad boys.

Post installation thoughts are that the kit is relatively simple to install and very similar to a turbo setup. On the road however the power was unbelievable. There was some slight lag, but after 2000rpms it power came on strong and pulled continuously to redline. Keep in mind that this is only an 8psi setup. Its definately capable of more power.

Two thumbs up from C-SPEED.

First things first, the charger came in 2 very large boxes. Take everything out and inventory all the components. Make sure everything is there. You can see here the oil cooler unit which will be used as a water cooler and water pump and relays.
Also included in the kit are all the hardware necessary to hook up the water cooler/after cooler. This kit is very complete, right down the the screws needed for assembly
It includes a Vortech FMU, new belts and oil return line.
Miscellaneous hardware, fittings and aftercooler.
A K&N filter is also tossed into the mix.
The Vortech installation manual. Treat with care!
The driveshaft seems to be the most ominous part of all and strikes the most interest of all the parts in the box.
Here's the mounting plate for the compressor and the new power steering line.
You can see in this photo the sheer size of the compressor housing.
A lot of parts, a lot of time. Time to get cracking.

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