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The next step is to install the oil feed line that will run to the compressor. In order to do that, a TEE fitting is required that will be installed on the OSU (oil sending unit) on the back of the block, next to the oil filter. You can see in this picture that there is already a blue TEE fitting installed. The owner has an oil pressure gauge that is currently also being TEE'd off the OSU, so we will have to extend it with the supplied TEE fitting.
Because the space is so small, its easier to first install the adapter and then install the TEE's. Make sure to use teflon tape on the threads. You can see that we have already drained the oil from the block and removed the oil filter.
Once that is in place, you can move on and install the FMU on the firewall. You will have to disconnect the fuel return line from the stock fuel pressure regulator.
Find a suitable location and drill holes in the firewall to mount the FMU. Then route the fuel return line to the center nipple on the FMU and using a new supplied fuel line attach the stock fuel pressure regulator to the side nipple on the FMU. Then using a TEE run a VAC line from the stock fuel pressure regulator to the top nipple on the FMU. Another step complete.
Now back the the fuel pump. Assemble the pump and mounting brackets as shown.
Under the car on the driverside near the rear tire, you will find the location to mount the inline pump. Using the supplied screws, mount it in place. Be sure you have the pump facing the correct direction as indicated.
Once the pump is in place, you will find that factory fuel line nearby. There will be a quick disconnect fitting on the line. Disconnect it and using the supplied fuel lines and additional quick disconnect fittings, attach the stock fuel lines to the inline pump. Be sure to get the fuel lines on the correct nipple. Follow the arrow indicated on the pump.
While you are down there, run the red wire from the relay in the earlier step down underneath the car to the pump and connect it to the power on the pump.
We ran the power wire through the factory underbody harness for a clean install. Make sure you find a good ground for the ground wire on the pump as well.
Before getting up from under the car, its a good idea to remove the header as you will need to remove the oil pan in the following steps. To see how to remove the header, click here.

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