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B18C1 Swap Guide [Page > 1 2 3 4 ]

Are you looking for more power from your SOHC but hit a dead end? Let's swap that SOHC for a hefty B18C1 from an Integra GSR. The swap is faily straight forward and is a direct bolt in for all 1992-2000 civics.

*Disclaimer - The information provided here is strictly for informational purposes only. We will not be held responsible for any faulty installations or mishaps related to an installation by following these instructions. You undertake the task at your own risk.

Step 1:
After jacking the car up and placing it on approved jack stands, take off the front wheels and your first order of business will be to work on the underside of the car. Get the hard part taken care of first, and that is removing the axles. Using a punch, make sure you straighten the tab on the 32mm nut before trying to remove it.
Step 2:
Remove the lower fork. There's a 17mm bolt on the bottom and a 14mm on the back.
Step 3:
Pull off off the lower fork and set it aside. You'll need to get under the hub and remove the cotter pin on the ball joint and then remove the bolt.
Step 4:
Sometimes it can be difficult to remove the ball joint, so grab a mallot and hit it on the lower control arm where the ball seats. Don't hit the stud, you will mushroom it.
Step 5:
If worst comes to worst, grab a ball join splitter if you have one. Luckily we did. Once its off you can pull the hub assembly off of the outter axle. Help it out if you need to by gently hitting the axle with a hammer.
Step 6:
The inner half shaft is sometime more difficult to remove from the transmission. A crow bar of some kind can be used to help pry it out.
Step 7:
Now you can detach the cat from the header and hanger. And while your down there, remove the shift linkage and stabalizer bar. You'll need to swap it out for the GSR counterpart.
Step 8:
To remove the shifter linkage, pull off the snap ring that covers the lock pin with a pair of pliers or a screwdriver, then with the correctly sized punch, hammer out the lock pin from underneath. Don't lose it!
Step 9:
Remove the shift linkage from the chasis. There are 2 12mm bolts. It may be hard to maneuver around the exhaust. A universal joint may come in handy.

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