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B18C1 Installation [Page > 1 2 3 4 ]

Now here comes the fun part, we're ready to drop in the B18C1.

Step 19:
Secure the engine hoist to your new B18C1 motor. Then carefully maneuver it into position inside the engine bay.
Step 20:
Line up the engine with the mounts and bolt them up. Make sure they are loose enough so that you can adjust the position of the motor. Do not remove the engine from the hoist just yet.
Step 21:
Line up the lower engine mount brackets with their respective locations under the car and bolt up the brackets securely. Once this is done, securely fasten down the upper mounts and you can safetly remove the engine hoist at this point.
Step 22:
Reattach the clutch slave cylinder. Careful of those lines!
Step 23:
Reattach the ground wires to the starter and block.
Step 23:
Loosen the steer pump adjustment bolts so you can tension the belt, then tighten down securely. Make sure the bolts are tight.
Step 24:
Bolt the cruise control unit back in its place. And reattach the throttle cable.

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