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B18C1 Installation [Page > 1 2 3 4 ]

Step 25:
Reattach the fuel line to the fuel filter an the vacuum lines to their proper locations on the manifold. Charcoil canister on top and brake booster on the back.
Step 26:
Reattach the upper radiator hose using a new worm clamp as the civic radiator inlet is smaller than the GSR hose. With that completed, here's the fun part of adding the VTEC wire.
Step 27:
Reconnect all the harness and remember to replace the fuse in the fuse box if you've previously removed it.
Step 28:
Swap the GSR shifter linkage onto your stock civic shifter. Then replace the new unit back under the car. Then reconnect the cat to the hanger and header.
Step 29:
Notice the markings on the ECU; they read xxx-p72-xxx, which is the appropriate ECU for a B18c swap. Since the civic already had vtec, the only wires that needed to be added were at D3 for the knock sensor and A17 for IAB. The pinout for the IAB can be switched from A20.
Step 30:
If your car does not have vtec, 2 more wires must be added. A yellow wire with a green stripe for the vtec solenoid can be found on the engine harness and must be pinned in at A4. The vtec oil pressure sensor can be found as a blue wire in the harness and must go to D6.
Step 31:
Now that most of the work is done, make sure you replace the all the parts the you removed, including the axles, hub and lower fork. Double check all your wiring harness and that all the bolts are tight. Make sure all the coolant lines you removed are now reconnected and secure. Make sure you have oil and water topped off as well as transmission fluid. Reattach the negative terminal to the battery and you're ready to turn the key. Wasn't that hard was it?

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