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If torque is what your looking for from your B-series motor, the only option you have is the B20 engine from the Honda CRV. Sitting at 2.0l, it is a whopping 11% increase in displacement over the 1.8l integra motors. Combined with a VTEC head, the B20 bottom end will produce awesome power and easily attain 20+ft/lbs more torque over a similarly built B18C.

The process of building a B20/VTEC motor is simple. It is exactly the same as doing an LS/VTEC conversion. Because the B20 bottom end is also from the B-series family, it easily interchanges with the B16 and B18 family of parts. It also makes swapping the motor into your Civic/Integra a breeze. The only difference is that the B20 has a whopping 84mm bore VS the 81mm in the B18/16 motors which is what gives it the increased displacement.

Most important parts you will need are:
B20B or B20Z bottom end
VTEC head
18" -4AN steel braided hose
2 x -4AN fittings
1/8"NPT to 1/8" BSP Tee fitting
1/8"NPT to -4AN adapter fitting
-4AN to 3/8NPT fitting
1/8"NPT plug

Just like in the LS/VTEC conversion, you must prep the head to accept the dowel pins for the block and also tap the VTEC oil supply hole for a plug since you will be feeding the head from a new location. Drill the two dowel pin holes on the exhaust side to match the block, then tap the oil supply hole for the plug as pictured. Clean the head and use Teflon paste when installing the plug.
For other pictures of this step, take a look at the LS/VTEC article.
When installing the plug, also be sure that the plug is below the surface of the deck, you do not want it to project out. Then you can go ahead and put the head back together.
When putting the rocker arms back in make sure you have the pistons installed correctly. Each rocker arm should move independantly of each other once installed on the shafts. With the head assembled, you can move on to the block.
Before assembling the block, make sure it is cleaned and the deck is staight. You'll notice that the B20 block has a one-piece sleeve unlike the B16/18 counterparts.
In order to feed the VTEC head in this swap, you'll need to TEE off the oil sending unit location to supply the head with oil. Using Teflon tape or paste, thread in the TEE fitting into the block before putting the oil sending unit on the end (also with Teflon).
You can see here how the braided line is going to fit onto the back of the block. Do not assemble it at this time. You can go ahead and put the rotating assembly together.

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