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When you want to increase power, forced induction is a powerful way to go. Jackson Racing uses a roots style blower to increase manifold pressures and gives you awesome power potential. Going with a supercharger rather than a turbo, will give you instant boost at low RPM's without the infamous turbo lag. Keep in mind however that a JRSC will not be able to make the enormouse horsepower figures that turbocharged car can produce simply due to the characteristics of the blower and its efficiency range.

If you want awesome low end punch, ease of installation and relatively low maintenance, the JRSC is definately the way to go. Installation time shouldn't take more than 10-12 hours.

Before you begin, it makes the installation a lot smoother if you remove the hood from the vehicle. There are 2 x 10mm bolts holding the hood in place on each hinge.
Remove the strut tower bar.
Open the gas cap and then remove the banjo bolt from the fuel rail.
Disconnect the fuel retun line and vacuum line from the fuel pressure regulator. In the mean time, drain the oil and the coolant.
Remove the fuel rail by removing the 3 x 10mm bolts holding it down and set it aside. Be sure not to loose any of the o-rings on the injectors. Disconnect the throttle cable from the throttle body.
Disconnect the connectors to the sensors on the manifold and throttle body. It would be wise to label each one before disconnecting. Unbolt the power steering pump from the bracket and move aside.
Begin unbolting the stock intake manifold from the head. There is row of 12mm nuts on the top and a row on the bottom side. The hardest ones are on the underside, however if you move some of the wiring harnesses out of the way, you can get your hand in there and remove all the nuts without crawling underneath the car.
Disconnect the water hose to the head. It will give you more room to access the lower nuts on the passenger side.
From under the car, remove the intake manifold support bracket. This is the most difficult part of removing the head. Take your time, you can remove 4 of the bolts from under the car, the last one will have to be removed from the top side.
The last bolt holding the support bracket can be accessed from the passengerside of the car, just beneath the throttle body. Once that the bracket is unbolted, you can seperate the manifold from the head.

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