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With the manifold seperated from the head, you can now lift it up and disconnect the remaining hoses on the underside of the intake manifold. Once the manifold is out of the car, you can lift out the intake manifold support bracket.
Now do yourself a favor and walk over to the nearest garbage can and throw the bracket away. Now you can clean off the old intake manifold gasket. If it doesn't come off in one piece then use a scraper or putty knife and carefully scrape it off of the head. Be careful not to scratch the head. A new gasket is advised.
Now, carefully disconnect the original coolant line running from the block to the firewall. Do not squeeze the nipple too hard as it is very soft and will crush easily. Use the new supplied coolant line and reattach.
Now you must extend the intake air temperature connector harness. Cut off the connector about 2" from the end and extend the wires. With the stock manifold off of the motor, go ahead and remove the throttle body and IACV from the manifold. Be careful not to lose the o-ring on the IACV. If damaged, replace it.
Remove the IAT sensor from the stock manifold and install it onto the Jackson manifold. At the same time, install the pressure sensor, actuator and nipples. Be sure to use some teflon tape on the the threads to avoid vacuum leaks.
Now you can remove the oil filter from the block. This will give you access to the oil cooler (if you car is equipped with one).
You can see some of the lines that run to the oil cooler. Disconnect them from the cooler and remove the center bolt holding the oil cooler in place.
Now you can lift out the oil cooler and set aside. You will be reinstalling it. At this time, disconnect the stock fuel return line from the metal line on the firewall.
Use the new fuel return line and reattach it to the metal line on the firewall. Back to the oil cooler, you can see that there is a large o-ring on the underside. Do not crush this o-ring with reinstalling the oil cooler.

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