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We opted to use a Vortech modified FPR on this install. However, bolting it on is exactly the same as the stock unit. Make sure the when you push the rear engine harness towards the block, that your run the passenger side of the harness under the water hose that connects the head to the water neck. This will help hold the engine harness in its new location.
Double check the tensioner on the JRSC pulley and reconnect the fuel line to the fuel rail. Be sure all the crush washers are in place.
Go ahead and reinstall the intake. Make sure the alternator belt is in place correctly and properly tensioned. You can now lower the car.
Reinstall the power steer pump and belt. Be sure it is tensioned properly as well.
Now go ahead and install the JRSC FMU. The fuel return line that you replaced earlier on the firewall connects to the outer nipple while a new fuel line goes from the center nipple to the FPR on the fuel rail. Securely bolt the FMU to a suitable location on the firewall. Connect a vacuum line from the manifold to the FPR.
Connect another vacuum line from the manifold to the JRSC FMU. You can tee off this line for additional boost sensing equipment such as a boost gauge.
Be sure to run colder spark plugs (#7 heat range) and regap them to around 0.032" if you are running a stock ignition. 0.036" if you have an MSD or equivilent. Replace the spark plug wires and cover. Be sure not to over tighten the bolts.
Set the ignition timing to 8-10deg BTC and remove the rear seats to install the new high flow fuel pump.
Remove the cover on the fuel pump to expose to original unit. Unbolt it from the frame and remove the original cap and pump assembly.
Disconnect the fuel line from the pump and remove the old pump from the assembly. Install the new pump. We used a Walbro high flow unit.
The new pump will bolt right in without modification. Replace into the fuel tank and reinstall the cover and seats. Your done!

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