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Now you will have to relocate the main engine harness. Move it as close as possible to the block. Run the engine harness underneath the PCV line. Again this is vital for clearance issues.
Reconnect the water temperature sensor. Then remove the vacuum canister from the underside of the stock intake manifold. You will need to remove the solenoid.
With the solenoid removed, reconnect it to the harness and zip tie it securely to the engine harness. Now remove the fuel filter from the firewall.
Remove the throttle cable bracket from the firewall. This will give you more room to install the JRSC manifold and charger in the following steps. You can see here the JRSC manifold and a new intake gasket. It is good idea to coat the gasket with a little oil on both sides, this will allow you to reuse the gasket in the future if you ever need to take if off again. It will prevent the gasket from sticking to the manifold or head.
Put the new intake gasket onto the head and lower the JRSC manifold into place. The manual says to install the charger after the manifold is in place, however we decided it was easier to lay the charger down first and then install the manifold.
Using the original nuts, bolt the manifold to the head. Be sure you do not drop anything down the injector holes. With the charger already underneath the manifold. Use some sealant on the mating surface of the charger and the manifold and have someone hold it in place while you carefully bolt the charger to the manifold through the access holes on the top of the manifold. Be careful not to drop anything inside.
With the charger in place, you can now install the caps that fill the holes on the top of the manifold. You some silcone sealant on the threads to avoid vacuum leaks. Then reinstall the injectors and fuel rail. Be sure to apply a light coat of oil on the o-rings before inserting the injectors into the manifold.
Depending on the year of your car, you may need to use a Tee fitting on the vacuum source from the manifold to run the PCV valve. Remove the purve control solenoid from the stock manifold and bolt it to the JRSC manifold. Double check that nothing is binding or pinched.
Use the new supplied spacers on the fuel rail before bolting it down. As with the intake gasket, apply a light coat of oil on the throttle body gasket.
Bolt the throttle body to the new manifold and bolt the IACV to the back side, be sure you didn't lose the o-ring on the IACV. You can now reinstall the fuel pressure regulator to the fuel rail by using the supplied JRSC adapter flange.
When bolting the FPR to the JRSC adapater, be sure you have the o-ring properly seated.

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